Sunday, June 29, 2008


Vandaag was er weer een grote rommelmarkt op het NDSM Trerrein in Noord en ik heb een begin gemaakt an een collectie lp hoezen aan de muur.
De mooiste is wel Moanin' van Art Blakey, maar die was ook meteen de duurste. Dan nog Something Cool van June Christy En twee lp's van Ann Burton: Blue Burton en Ballads & Burton.
Terwijl ik de Ann Burton's vond stond iemand naast mij (die ook nog een paar mooie lp's voor mijn neus wegpikte), hij wierp een blik op de LP van Ann Burton en zei toen: "Daar heb ik ook nog op mee gespeeld", hij bleek ook nog vorige week op het ijazz festival gespeeld te hebben.
Nu nog een slimme manier zien te vinden om ze op te hangen.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ijazz and wind

So I had planned to spend Sunday at the ijjazz festival here in Noord. Unfortunatly the performers I wanted to see were playing on the same stage, one that was on top of a boat and about 50 meters high up (and away from the quay. Even more unfortunately there was also a fierce wind.
The wind got so fierce that the performance by Rita Reys was stopped halfway through. Watched another band for a while but as I could not be sure if/when/where the performers would be playing I went home.
Wasted a lot of time at, interesting, disgusting and funny stuff, be aware the guy has a fetish for bacon and meat.

For cat lovers the following is worth a visit estorboloco

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finland Revisisted/Camera Repaired

I had noticed it for a while but I wanted to bring my camera with me to Finland. The pictures are not completely in focus, when zoomed in it would not focus so I brought it in for repair, it was just/still under warranty.

You will get no prizes for guessing the nationality of this group of people.
When I tried to leave the hotel one day a couple of people were blocking the door, stepping out I noticed a few more, standing around in a circle, blocking the pavement and anyone trying to leave the hotel a normal exit. (the gap you see was the one I created by just stepping in the middle of the circle and getting out.)q A pity that I did not have to carry my computer case, I use it sometimes to remind people that other people need space too (one of them opened their mouth and it was Dutch what came out).