Sunday, September 21, 2008

The new laptop

I could not help myself and bought a new laptop yesterday, the old one had a batterylife of 3 minutes, a powercable that is broken, missing keys and buttons (had to turn it on with the help of a paperclip) and was becoming veeeeeryyyyy slooooooow.

The new one is an Acer 5715Z, system-wise nice, got everything, the sound is nice enough so you can watch a video and understand what people say without the use of headphones.

It is running Vista, which I hate to admit do not hate yet. Then again, without running any programs (just some gadgets and skype and stuff) it is already using 1Gb of memory (but it has 4).

Needless to say I probably will test Linux on it.

And Acer decided to install the usual crap, lots of it removed and one of the games provided seems to have a Trojan.